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I have always had a passion for creating, whether it be me painting on a canvas, creating a piece of jewelry or creating a beautiful centerpiece. It gave me a piece of mind to do something that I so loved and was so passionate about. 

Soon, family and friends recognized the vision and talents I had, and I immediately became that friend to call and help decorate for parties. Of course, I didn't mind at all because this is what I love to do, but I thought, why not take this a step further and make myself available to the world.

It definitely was a scary process because it was something I wasn't used to. I was putting myself out there for others to have opinions, but I have learned that in those moments of fear, those are the moments you push forward the most and move past those feelings and thoughts.

One thing I would always say is "Everyone should be celebrated". And I will continue to stand by that because life is short. It's so important to create precious moments with the ones you love now because God will need them back one day.

Bri Balloon Designs is here to execute your vision so that you can have fun while I worry about the details of your event. I'm obsessed with creating. It comes natural to me and feels good to see my clients smile when my job is done.

Thank you for visiting our site, and I look forward to working with you one day.


With Love, 


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